luni, 30 aprilie 2012

Thai turkey lettuce wrap



Stir fry oil,wok oil,sesame oil 2spoon from each
sauces:hoisin sauce,teriyaki ,sesame garlic
romano lettuce leaves
 1 julienne(shredded) carrot
a medium  chopped onion
2 greean onion cut in little pices
2 cloves garlic,minced
1 teasp.ginger powder
2 cucumber,chopped
1 caserrole ground turkey
3 tabl. low-sodium soy sauce

mangos cut in sliced for serving


mix all the sauces in a little bowl.
in a medium nonstick pan heat the all 3 of oils and saute the onion ,garlic.and the ginger powder,untill light brown.Add the ground turkey and strir well.this should take you about 5 min.
Add the carrots and the green onions ,stir together about 3 min add the sauces and stirr till the vegetables is soft
after u put the chopped cucumber and stir for one mintes.

arrange lettuces leaves spoon the turkey mixture onto to centerof each lettuce leaf and mango on tap .

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