luni, 30 aprilie 2012

Lemon Shrimp with garlic


6 tbls.butter
large Shrimp 1-2 lb peeled
4 medium cloves garlic crushed and micnced
4 Tebl.spoon s of lemon juice
white cooking wine (i used red wine this time ) 3  tbls.
salt .paprika and blak papper ,to taste
chopeped parsley


In a large skilet heat butter until stops foamingabout 35-45 sec.Add the shrimp and garlic and saute over medium heat turning frequently add the salt,paprika and blak papper stir together about 5-7 minutes.Add the wine stir for few minutes ,after add the lemon juice .Remove the pan from the heat tap with parsely, and serve imediatly !

with rice or salad !

3 comentarii:

  1. Ahh ce bine arata!Am si eu o reteta de shrimp care urmează curind sa fie publicata!.Arata tare bine!pup.O zi frumoasa!

  2. :) multumes pt vizita da intradevar sunt ff buni ....shrimpi uni din favoritele mele:))

  3. Shrimp + garlic = tineti-ma departe de masa ca rad tot :).
    Arata excelent!